barleyBarley is not infested under normal circumstances, but could be infested. It is highly recommended that it be checked

How to check barley

1. Place white parchment paper over a lightbox

2. Place three cups of product on the parchment paper and check the product.

If no infestation is found, the rest of the bag or box may be eaten without checking.

If infestation is indeed found, the rest of the bag or box must be carefully inspected.

3. One handful at a time, place the barley on a flat surface―spreading out the kernels. Search for infestation between the kernels and for infestation in the kernels themselves. If there is any infestation―it should be removed, and if there are infested kernels―they should be removed.

(The following step is not necessary in pearl barley or crushed barley:)
4. Place the barley in a bowl of salt water, stir, and remove any pieces of barley that float to the surface―because they are probably infested. (Note: Any barley that floats to the surface before the stirring―may not be infested.) Also, look in the water for actual insects. If they are present ―the barley should not be used.