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Strawberries: How to Check for Bugs

Fresh Strawberries Fresh strawberries are frequently infested with insects. Must be checked. Note: The level of infestation in the strawberry crop varies from time to time. Consequently, the method of checking varies as well. The procedures listed here are for a crop that has a high level of infestation. How to check strawberries for bugs…

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Raspberries: How to Check for Bugs

Fresh Raspberries Fresh raspberries are frequently infested with insects. Because of the texture of the raspberries they are difficult to clean. One should avoid using them Raspberry Syrup Not infested under normal circumstances. Need not be checked Products with raspberries as an ingredient may be used, as long as there are not whole raspberry pieces…

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Blueberries: How to Check for Bugs and Worms

Commercially Grown Blueberries are sometimes infested. They must be checked. How to check blueberries Soak in a solution of vegetable wash and water. Cut open ten per cent of the blueberries and check for worms. Check, also, the crowns of the ten per cent. If no infestation is found, all of the blueberries (not just…

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