Faucet-Mounted Filters

Advantage: They are inexpensive.

Disadvantage: They clog easily (because the water travels through a small surface). However, changing the fiber inserts in models that allow for this extends the lives of the filters indefinitely.

Approved Faucet-Mounted Filters

The following filters are halachically approved:

1. EZ Filter "Classic" model and "Big" model.

Notes about these filters:

  • Use them with the white fiber inserts that are made for these models. These inserts, which look like cotton balls, extend the life of the filters. The filter, when purchased, comes with one or more inserts. Additional inserts can be purchased from the retailer who supplied the filter or from supermarkets and other stores.
  • Recently made EZ Filters have flat (as opposed to cup-shaped) screens. This is an improvement over the older models, which had cup-shaped screens. The cup-shaped screens are more likely to tear. If one has a model with a cup-shaped screen, one should replace it (unless one wants to check the screens regularly).
  • The Big model has an advantage over the Classic model. The larger surface area of the Big model allows it to be used three times longer than the Classic model before it becomes clogged.

Note: An attachment is available for both of the above models. It allows one to bypass the filter just by moving a lever. Unfiltered water can be used for washing hands or dishes. With less use of the filter comes extended filter life.

2. Waterpick

3. Brita (not the pitcher filter)

4. Pur

Under-the-Sink Filters

The typical under-the-sink filter has a housing or canister into which a filter cartridge is dropped. (The cartridges must be changed from time to time.)

Regarding the canisters, a number of models are good, but definitely recommended are the GE canisters (found at Home Depot), and the Pentek Slimline (found online or at hardware stores).

If the filter will be used for hot water as well as cold—which some caterers and restaurants do, since they use hot water from the faucet with food—the housing should be rated for hot water.

Approved Under-the-Sink Filters

The following under-the-sink cartridges are halachically approved:

1. Glattwater Premium Five Micron.

Notes: This filter has a life of 10,000 gallons. Replace it when the flow of water from the faucet becomes slow.

This filter can be used for cold water only. (This is sufficient for most households. Some caterers, however, use hot water with food and consequently need a filter for hot water.) Average retail: $9 – $12.

2. Glattwater Ultimate.

Good for hot water. (A filter that is good for hot water is good for cold water as well. The reverse, however, does not hold true.) Replace it when the flow of water becomes slow. Average retail: $18 – $21.

3. Aquapure Model Number AP117.

The life of the filter has not yet been determined, but it appears to have extended life. It contains activated carbon to remove chlorine and improve taste. It may be left in place until the flow of water from the faucet becomes slow. Average retail: $24.

4. The BII Boshart (10 Microns or less).

Note: This is reliable only when changed every six months. We suggest you change them for Succot and Pesach. Bakeries, caterers, etc. must change these monthly. Avg retail: $ 7

Approved Quick Change Sink Filter

3M (Aquapure ) Ap-Rc-101: An excellent filter, designed by 3M especially to remove copepods from New York City water. The filter is factory sealed in a quick-change housing, making it 100% reliable and foolproof. Will last a year or more in a home (and perhaps six 6 months for a caterer or restaurant) before clogging. Replace it when the flow of water becomes slow.

Note: Unlike the under-the-sink filters, the housing and filter of this product are a unit. No other housing can be used with the 3M filter.

Advantage: The filter is very easy to change. This can be done without tools and takes a few seconds. Also, an internal valve turns off the water flow automatically when the filter is removed.

Replacement cartridges. Average retail: $40. Average retail: $98.