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About Us and the CheckVegetables mobile app (iPhone/Android) are projects of Sephardic Press. Sephardic Press is under the leadership and direction of Rabbi Michael Haber.

Rabbi Haber is the Rabbi of Congregation Tiferet Torah, in Brooklyn, New York and the Rabbi of Congregation Hechal Shaul, in Deal, New Jersey, during the summer months.

Rabbi Haber is well-known for his knowledge of Halacha, and answers thousands of halachic questions per year from the Syrian-Sephardic community, regarding Kashruth, Family Purity, mourning, and more.

Rabbi Haber’s knowledge of Halacha is reflected in the works he has published: The Kosher Home, a book of over 800 pages on the laws of Kashruth; Eternal Life, a detailed book on the laws of mourning; The Passover Home, on the Laws and customs of Pesach and the upcoming halachic work; The Holidays, a nearly 600 page Halachic guide on the laws and customs on the holidays.

In addition, Rabbi Haber is the author of the inspirational work, Don’t Look Down, which was published by Artscroll Publications.

Sephardic Press, which publishes works for both Sepharadim and Ashkenazim, has published numerous works on Halacha, prayer, and mussar.