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Artichokes: How to Check for Bugs

Artichoke Leaves

Globe Artichokes and Leaves

Fresh artichokes are Frequently Infested. Must be checked.

Look for: aphids.

How to check artichokes

1. Soak the leaves in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. The amount of soap should be enough to make the water feel slippery and sudsy. Allow to soak for three to five minutes.

2. Agitate the leaves in the solution.

3. Remove the leaves from the solution.

4. While holding the leaves, direct a stream of water at each leaf, on both sides, and rub the leaves with your fingers during this process.

5.Take a sampling of about 20% of the leaves that were washed. Check them on both sides.

If no infestation is found—all the leaves that were washed may be eaten without further checking.

If even one insect is found, there is an indication that the soaking and washing were not effective. All leaves then need again to be soaked and washed (follow steps 1-5 again).

If three or more insects are found, all the leaves must be inspected

Artichoke: Hearts

Spread apart the leaves that surround the heart. Check between layers for infestation. If there is none, wash thoroughly and use. The heart may be used without further checking.

Artichoke: Bottom

Artichoke: Bottom

Just rinse. No inspection necessary.