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Broccoli: How to Check for Bugs


Broccoli is frequently infested with insects and must be checked.

Look for: aphids, thrips, spider-mites and broccoli worms.

How to check broccoli

Broccoli is one of the vegetables most infested with insects. And, the structure of broccoli makes it very difficult to reach the insects. Even soaking the broccoli does not rid it of the insects.

We should also note that raw broccoli cannot be used as is, since one cannot get to the depths of the floret without ruining it. Parboiling on the other hand, makes the floret flexible.

Consequently, the flowery part of the broccoli should be avoided , unless one follows the following process :

1. Make the broccoli flexible by parboiling the heads of broccoli in a microwave for one minute.

2. Separate out each floret.

3. Look carefully at each floret, especially at the crevice formed by the “y.”

4. Spread out each floret and look inside it.

5. If any floret is found to be infested—that entire piece should be discarded (except for the stem, which can be used after it is thoroughly washed with water.

One might indeed find it easier to purchase insect-free broccoli.

Broccoli: Frozen

Broccoli: Frozen

Frequently infested. Cannot be checked.

Since frozen broccoli is chopped, it is difficult to see the infestation