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Celery: How to Check for Bugs

Celery: Fresh

Celery is frequently infested with insects and must be checked

Look for: thrips, flies and leafminer worms.

How to check celery


1. Check the leaves for signs of insects, such as winding paths or dark spots. If any signs of insects are present, remove the small stem and the leaves.

2. Soak the leaves in water. Allow to soak for at least one half hour.

3. Direct a stream of water at each leaf, on both sides, making sure that every spot is covered.

4. Rub the leaves as they are being washed.


1. Separate the stalks from each other.

2. Remove the branches which emanate from the stalks.

3. Direct a stream of water at the stalks, making sure to cover every spot.

4. While this is being done, brush the stalks with a nylon brush which has soft hairs.

5. Check the surface of the celery for leaf-miner trails.

6. If a trail is spotted, cut it away. The rest of the stalk may be eaten after washing it thoroughly.


Celeriac (AKA Celery Root): How to check for bugs

Frequently Infested. Must be checked.