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Figs, Fresh : How to Check for Bugs

figs-freshFresh figs are sometimes infested with insects and must be checked.

Note: There is a different procedure for checking dried figs.

How to check fresh figs

1. Wash the outside.

2. Cut open the fig.

3. Cut out a small portion around the top and discard.

4. Check the inside.

5. If anything is found, do not use the fig (since it is not likely that everything can be found).

6. If nothing is found, a further step is necessary:

a. Place the open fig, face down, in a bowl of water. Let it soak for three minutes. Remove it.

b. Place the bowl of water over a dark cloth (such as black or navy) and check the water for infestation.

c. If there is infestation, discard the fig (because it is not likely that all infestation can be found). If there is no infestation found at this point, the fig may be eaten.