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Parsley: How to Check for Bugs

Fresh Parsley is Frequently Infested with insects and must be checked.

Preliminary check (to determine if herbs can be cleaned or must be discarded):

parsleyNote: Herbs must not be wet for this process to be effective.
1. Hold a bundle of the herbs by their stem.
2. Bang the bunch of herbs on a white surface numerous times.
• If there are no more than two insects that are visible upon the white surface, proceed to How to clean.
• If there are three or more insects that are visible upon the white surface, discard the bundle.
Note: This should be done for every bundle.

How to clean parsley

1. Remove the leaves from the stem.
2. Soak the leaves in a solution of vegetable wash and water. Enough vegetable wash should be used to make the solution feel slippery and sudsy. The solution should be in a vessel that is large enough to fit the product to be checked, and to allow an individual to vigorously agitate the product.
3. Agitate the product in the solution.
4. Remove the product from the solution. Direct a stream of water at each leaf, on both sides, and rub the leaves with your fingers during the process.
5. Check both sides of each leaf over a light source.
6. If any insects are found, repeat steps 2-5.
7. Check each leaf on both sides. If any insects are found, discard the entire bunch.

To use the taste emanating from the leaves but not the leaves themselves (e.g. in soup stock):

Method One:
1. Spray a stream of water on each side of each leaf of the vegetable.
2. Cook the vegetable, alone, in water.
3. Strain the water with filter paper or a pouch and use only what comes out, not what remains in.

Method two:
One may cook the vegetable while it is in one of the pouch, together with whatever food it is to be cooked with.


Parsley: Dried

Parsley: Dried

Dried parsley is not infested under normal circumstances. Need not be checked