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Mushrooms: How to Check for Bugs

Mushrooms: Button

Button mushrooms are not infested under normal circumstances. They may be used after a thorough washing.

Mushrooms: Oyster

Frequently Infested. Cannot be checked.

Mushrooms: Portobello

Mushrooms: Portobello

Sometimes Infested. Must be checked.

How to clean Portobello mushrooms

1. Separate stem from cap.

2. Check stem.

3. Check cap by scooping out fan-like underpart.

4. Wash thoroughly.

No inspection is necessary.

Mushrooms: Shitake


May be used after a thorough washing


During the summer months, shitake mushrooms can have small flies hiding in the white fan of the mushroom. Firmly run your fingers through the white fan and observe if any flies come out. If flies are noticed, discard that mushroom. This process is a quick process and is strongly recommended.

Mushrooms: Canned

Mushrooms: Canned

Not infested under normal circumstances. Need not be checked