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Scallions: How to Check for Bugs


Scallions (also known as “spring onions”) are frequently Infested with insects. Must be checked.

How to check scallions for bugs

Scallions present an extra difficulty in checking: The insects which are found on scallions leave eggs between layers of the leaves. Consequently, one must be careful when using the jet spray that the water reaches the areas between the layers.

1. Check the leaves for signs of tunnels. If there are any such signs, the scallions should not be used.

2. Cut off ¼ of an inch from the bottom of the scallion.

3. Cut open the circular stem, height-wise, and separate the layers of scallion.

4. Direct a stream of water at each layer, on both sides, making sure that every spot is covered and that the water reaches the areas between the layers of the scallion and through the shoot of the scallion.

5. Examine the outside of the green shoot for leaf miner trails. If one is found, cut away that part.

No further inspection is necessary.