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Sesame Seeds: How to Check for Bugs

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are sometimes Infested with insects. Must be checked.

How to clean sesame seeds from bugs

1. Take a look at the bag (from the outside) before purchasing. From what you are able to see, make sure there are no cotton-like strands or clumps, no small particles and no pieces of sesame with holes. If there are such substances―do not purchase the bag of sesame seeds.

2. At home, sift the sesame with a sifter that is small enough to hold back the pieces of sesame, but large enough for the insects to fall through. If insects are found―do not use the entire bag of sesame.

3. One handful at a time, place the sesame seeds on a flat surface. If there is any infestation―it should be removed, and if there are infested seeds―they should be removed.

Ground Sesame Seeds

Ground sesame seeds (also known as techina or tahini) is not infested under normal circumstances. Need not be checked