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White Cabbage: How to Check for Bugs

Cabbage: White

White (or Green) Cabbage is frequently Infested with insects and must be checked. Note that there is a different procedure for checking Red and Purple Cabbage.

Look for: thrips and cabbage worms.

How to check white cabbage

The manner of checking cabbage depends upon how the cabbage will be used.

Cabbage that will be used for cooking, pickling or stuffing

1. Remove the four outer leaves and discard them.

2. Check the outside of the head. If there is a hole that penetrates into the head, cut around the hole into the depth of the head as far as the hole penetrates.

3. Freeze the head of cabbage in a freezer for at least forty-eight hours.

4. Remove the head of cabbage from the freezer and let it defrost.

5. Direct a stream of water at the leaves, on both sides, making sure to cover every spot.

Once this is done properly, no checking is necessary. However, the first few times doing this, one should check the cabbage to see if the process was done properly. The checking should be done with a light box.

Cabbage which will be used for salad

Since cabbage that is frozen cannot be used for salad, a method which is different than the one that is recommended above (for cooking, pickling or stuffing) must be used.

1. Remove and discard the outer four leaves.

2. Quarter the head of cabbage. The purpose of this is to make separation of the leaves easier.

3. Remove four layers, which could be up to eight leaves (two leaves per layer).

4. Inspect these leaves thoroughly on both sides.

5. After inspecting the leaves:

If no infestation is found, the remaining leaves may be eaten. No further checking is necessary.

If even one insect is found, three more layers (about six leaves) should be inspected. If no infestation is found, in these leaves, all of the cabbage (except the leaf with the infestations) may be eaten. If any infestation if found in those leaves, all the leaves of this head of cabbage must be checked.

If three insects are found, all of the remaining leaves must be checked.

Chinese Cabbage: How to Check for Bugs

Follow the same procedure described for white cabbage.

Napa Cabbage: How to Check for Bugs

Follow the same procedure described for white cabbage.


Savoy Cabbage: How to Check for Bugs

Follow the same procedure described for white cabbage.